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In any successful venture, all elements must come together through planning and intuition, with a fair share of luck. Pandora Design is about a group of creative individuals with a dearly held conviction that creativity must achieve its meaning by delivering results. As with musicians in an orchestra, these people play within a structured form. Essentially our orchestra consists of people with individual talents, all working in an atmosphere of openness, where authorship and the creative process are shared. This team has a common goal: Making people respond through effective communication. Even with state-of-the-art equipment, it's still not enough. We still have to start with a great idea. And for that, it's hard to beat cocktail napkins and pencils, and the fanaticism that runs high amongst Pandorians. The following pages, a partial documentation of our formative years, is to be shared with friends and associates. It further confirms many of our dearly held beliefs and convictions regarding what constitutes aesthetic excellence, what is effective communication: for us it is a joy and inspiration that transcends boundaries and cultures. Enjoy.
Creating ideas - it's hard to beat cocktail napkins and pencils...
Pandora Design has been blessed; since opening its door, it has had considerable projects. From the very beginning, Pandora Design's basic operating principle is to align with companies that have a similar entrepreunial spirit and ethos. Ideally, companies that are sophisticated enough to appreciate good design. Companies Pandora Design can grow with. A majority of the firm's accounts are through introduction, from satisfied clients. Let it be known - Pandora Design regards design as a serious business. As a matter of fact, it's our survival. At our firm, we just happen to take a little pride in the fact that what we produce is creative and effective. And our clients approve it. The continuing success of Pandora Design is based on the high standards applied in the design process and to the uncompromising quality of production methodologies. Selected from a diverse range of projects, the solutions featured in this site will serve as a valuable source of inspiration, as a reference tool and as our fruit of labour, documenting Pandora Design's formative years. Finally, my heart goes out to every Pandorian whose hard work and exceptional creativity made this site a reality. To the rest, simply enjoy...
Let it be known - Pandora Design regards design as a serious business.
At Pandora Design, we understand that to be successful in the industry, we must be brutally frank amongst ourselves. We try to eliminate all ego from the decision-making process. It only clouds the issue. One needs someone to bounce his or her ideas off. Conceptually, as soon as one thinks he or she has found that simple idea that is the solution to the problem, one has lost something - Objectivity. It is no accident that this design firm is run by a creative team. Only in a give and take atmosphere can ideas be refined and perfected. I enjoy being a part of the team. It’s no surprise that Pandorians come from so many directions. Despite all their differences, there’s one thing that unites Pandorians, no matter what their circumstances: passion. That burning flame, that desire to create, flows freely through a Pandorian’s veins, providing the fuel for burning the midnight oil and the power for creating that next big idea. This site is as much a reference book on graphic design as it is an homage to the craft, an exploration of ideas and making the invisible visible by using design to bring forth emotions and ideas. It is a reference source, communication guide and inspirational collection that inspire greatness and pride amongst all Pandorians.
A borderless and wireless world has made visual communication all the more exciting.
I gained admission into an art College late. It proved to be a fortunate move, as one of the school’s leaders was the eccentric M.C. Foo, who first became my valuable mentor, and eventually, a cherished employer and friend. Whatever happens technologically, a Pandora solution still comes from the head. In the world of design, ideas flash inside a designer’s head that few can comprehend. But, because of Pandora Design’s years as part of the creative process, I was educated from day one to understand and respect what it took to create and sell concepts. We know how much is at stake to get it perfectly right, every time. Because, design is a serious business.
In the world of design, ideas flash inside a designer’s head that few can comprehend.
Works created at Pandora Design opened my eyes, tugged at my heart and eventually enriched my life professional life when I was accepted as a pandorian. Pandora’s high expectations inspired me to excel. With every project I took on, I discovered new & exciting possibilities. At Pandora Design. I’m constantly reminded that one must guard against the temptation to create works of art and individual designer statements rather than effective marketing communications. There is, in fact, room for both, but a delicate balance must be maintained. There were times we dedicated so much time finding that balance, but the result was so wonderful, it’s worth it.
With every project I took on, I discovered new & exciting possibilities.
At Pandora Design, I constantly have to work on something over and over, trying to get better and better at it. Exploring it, developing it, perfecting it and then moving on to a new dimension of it. The realisation that graphic design is not a static process makes life exciting here. Some images created at Pandora Design appear to explode into life on their own. The rich depth of content and intelligence make communication both elegant and persuasive. Seeing is believing.
Exploring it, developing it, perfecting it.
Corporate Branding Pandora Design works with brand owners and custodians to provide complete proprietary brand solutions to enable them to increase the value of their brands. We have always honoured deadlines, developing partnerships that yield top-notch results. Competently brand focused – we provide effective and proven systems, tools and methodologies for developing brand success through proven strategies. Together, we can make your business, large or small, stand above competition. Design as a strategy, probably yields the highest value at the lowest cost to any business. Our design and print division can assist you in implementing effective campaigns that incorporate strong branding theme and firmly supported by pandorians and a dedicated design director that will oversee from conceptual, coordination, project management and ensuring every detail of the campaign is being managed professionally. Services include: • Branding & Marketing Collaterals • Brochures & Catalogues • Direct Mailers • Trade Booths • Launch Gambit (Multimedia) Healthcare An unblemished reputation is something like a medal-tough to earn, but once you’ve attained it, you wear it with a smile. When it comes to quality, Pandora Design has earned a reputation as one of the most effective healthcare design and creative service provider. Healthcare design ranks among the most complex and time consuming. Pandora Design’s professional design team not only understands that complexity, they also bring the clinical insight necessary to formulate design strategies effectively, interpret its intricacies, and produce the most effective campaign. With a dependable design management team in charge of the overall process, you can always rest assured that we are together working toward a common goal - Excellence. Pandora Design’s effective designs offer enhanced branding opportunities for manufacturers, and support company goals for helping patients. Our experienced team of designers and compliance experts work together to create packaging unrivaled in the industry. Patient Compliance Programs We design innovative solutions to improve adherence and motivate patients. We believe in strategies that diminish the costly impact of patient non-compliance will prove to be the pharmaceutical industry’s next and best opportunity for growth. Helping patients to be more compliant, motivating them to fill their prescriptions and remain persistent, ultimately resulting in improved health outcomes and better ROI for manufacturers. Pandora Design offers effective, comprehensive patient adherence programs blending strategy and design for targeted results. At Pandora Design, the medical writing division is physician operated, giving clients the benefit of in-house physician input and oversight for all pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare projects. Our Programs include: • Health Literacy Programs • Patient Starter Kits • Patient Training Devices • Interactive Educational models • Exhibitions & Launches
With our strong tradition of design and production excellence deeply rooted in the age-old methodology of thought, Pandora Design demands the very best in every Pandorian. Our working style treat each project as a round-table of works with everyone sharing responsibility for project design, business decisions and production tasks. The resulting entries in this section are chosen from a field of excellent work by Pandorians who continually make clients happy, in the process making Pandora Design one of the most reliable an creative design solutions provider, and cementing our reputation regionally for premium quality work. what we do
who we are The name Pandora Design is inspired by the Greek myth of Pandora’s box. The name itself also addresses questions inherent in design and technology by demonstrating that its use is our responsibility: Design, like technology is neither good nor bad; rather, the way we employ it is all that makes the difference. The company mark as a whole is a subtle reminder of the enormous power design has over people by influencing and conditioning mindsets. The company mark, depicting a box within another box is composed of exactly 88 dots. The number 8 is considered an auspicious number amongst Chinese, signifying wealth and profit. The Chinese also view circle and square as “sky and land”- the representation of the universe. These two basic elements in design co-exist in a state of flux as the orderly dots define the imaginary square surfaces of the two boxes. For Pandorians, the company mark, at best can sum up what constitutes design excellence as mentioned by Saul Bass; that ambiguity forces re-examination, adds tension, gives it life. Graphically, it is an endless mediation between the real and the unreal as the dots in a variety of sizes create an illusion of three-dimensional boxes. These boxes are representation of limitations in life. We live in a box. As we step out of our house, we step into yet another box. And each of these boxes, be it light rail transit train, public bus or the company where one works has its individual set of limitations. In design as in life, it’s the same. Thinking outside the box’ is a phrase synonymous with creative thinking. Creative minds are constantly pushing boundaries, but breaking free from initial limitations will lead us to another set of limitations. Ultimately we still have to conform to a set of limitations defined within the new parameters of design or technology. With this understanding, Pandora Design will constantly evolve and redefine itself by embracing the future and what it has to offer. Because we know- in a world of uncertainty, only change remains constant...
the Firm
the Myth
the myth PANDORA, according to Hesiod (in the Theogeny and in Works and Days), the first woman (Gr.. the All-Giving). After Prometheus had stolen fire from heaven and bestowed it upon mortals, Zeus determined to counteract this blessing. He accordingly commissioned Hephaestus to fashion a woman out of earth, upon whom the gods bestowed their choicest gifts. Hephaestus gave her a human voice; Aphrodite, beauty and powers of seduction; Hermes, cunning and the art of flattery. She had or found a jar, the so-called ‘Pandora’s Box’, containing all kinds of misery and evil. Zeus sent her to Ephimetheus, who, forgetting the warnings of his brother Prometheus to accept no present from Zeus, made her his wife. Pandora afterward opened the jar, from which all manner of evils flew out over the earth. according to the version given in the Hesiod, Hope alone remained inside, the lid having been shut down before she escaped. But in a latter story the jar contained not evils but blessings, which would have been preserved for the human race had they not been lost through the opening of the jar out of curiosity by man himself.
the firm Introducing Pandora Design What began as an innocent search for excitement ended in a burst of graphic brilliance. The passion it ignited produced Pandora, a design firm firmly rooted in the age old methodology of thought. At Pandora Design, we firmly believe that a great identity is the product of successive client-designer interaction; a progression of favourable synthesis- from a design firm that understands. Design is a serious business. Pandora Design enriches people's lives through effective design programmes and services that inform, educate, inspire and entertain, fostering the power of diverse perspectives. For pandorians, the greatest challenge is not in the conception, it's in sharing what we see. Pandora Design guides its clients through the design process using a standard four-step process, simply known as the DX4 process which features Discovery, Define, Develop and Design as four critical components. Depending on the requirements stipulated, a team consisting of representatives from Pandora Design's core competency areas as well as the client are responsible of the design outcome. A team is created based on project need. Our reputation is not attained by accident, but by design. Each of our design solutions must measure up to our own stringent standards.
Design is a serious business. Getting to the top is no small accomplishment. But staying there is the ultimate challenge. One that requires superior design solutions, from a design firm that understands.
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